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Air Ambulance

A medical emergency can happen anywhere and at any time, whether on a cruise, a desert safari, or a hiking vacation. Nobody wants to think about it, but having an accident or becoming unwell while on vacation may rapidly become catastrophic. While initial treatment is provided locally, most patients prefer to return home as soon as possible to continue their care in their native country. The reasons behind this are obvious. People want to get back to their homes and families as quickly as possible, and good medical treatment is not always assured. Medical repatriation is required in certain circumstances.

Clubtogether™ gains knowledge from more than 20 years of experience in air ambulance services We provide full-time help on all seven continents. Our providers are highly trained, experienced, and qualified critical care specialists. Our diverse medical team and extensive experience reflect our work excellence. Today, we are renowned as a respected and dependable service provider providing Air Ambulance Services across the Middle East, Europe, and Asia with skilled medical crews and cutting-edge technology on board.

Our suppliers have decades of expertise arranging medical repatriation from any location in the world. We organize transportation from hospital bed to hospital bed, as well as ground transportation from the foreign hospital to the nearest airport and from the airport in the United Arab Emirates to the hospital or the patient's home. The Medical Air Service even communicates with international authorities as well as on-site doctors. The patient can focus on getting better while we handle the rest.


We provide:

  • Medical repatriation in an air ambulance


Depending on the patient's medical condition and location, we provide a private jet or an ambulance aircraft for medical repatriation. Air ambulances are outfitted with cutting-edge medical technology, allowing for the greatest in-flight medical care with the fastest response times. Our patients always receive the greatest care and are repatriated swiftly and securely.


  • Medical repatriation on a commercial flight


If the patient is stable and can be transferred laying down, taking a commercial aeroplane is frequently the best – and cheapest – option. By eliminating certain seats, stretchers may be accommodated in aeroplanes. A privacy screen separates the patient from the other passengers. Medical personnel are constantly present with patients. If issues emerge, our highly trained staff will respond immediately to ensure the patient's safety.


Do you have any questions?

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