Air Ambulance

A medical emergency can occur anywhere in the world and at any time: on a cruise, a desert safari trip, or a hiking holiday. Nobody likes to think about it but having an accident or falling ill during a holiday can turn serious quite quickly. While initial treatment is carried out locally, most patients want to go home as soon as possible to receive further treatment in their home country. The reasons for this are clear. Good medical care cannot always be guaranteed, and people want to return to their home and family as soon as possible. In these cases, medical repatriation is necessary.

Clubtogether™ derives expertise from a gigantic experience in Air Ambulance services for more than 20 years. We offer full-time assistance across all the continents of the world. Our providers are well trained, experienced, and certified professionals in critical care. Our medical crew assortment and enormous experience portrait our quality of work. Today, we are recognized as a preferred and reliable service provider offering Air Ambulance Services in the Middle East, Europe and Asia with the expert medical crew and latest equipment on board.

Our providers have decades of experience in organising medical repatriation from anywhere in the world. We arrange transport from hospital bed to hospital bed, including ground transport from the foreign hospital to the nearest airport and from the United Arab Emirates airport to the hospital or the patient’s home. The Medical Air Service even communicates with foreign authorities and with doctors on-site. The patient can concentrate on getting well again; we take care of the rest.


We provide:

  • Medical repatriation in an air ambulance


For medical repatriation, we provide a private jet or ambulance aircraft, depending on the patient’s medical condition and location. Air ambulances are equipped with the latest medical equipment and permit the best possible in-flight medical care with the shortest lead times. Our patients always receive the best care and are quickly and safely repatriated.


  • Medical repatriation on a commercial flight


Using a commercial flight is often the most appropriate – and cheapest – method if the patient is stable and can be transported lying down. Stretchers can be accommodated in aircraft by removing some seats. A screen separates the patient from other passengers, ensuring privacy. Patients are always accompanied by medical staff. Should any complications arise, our highly qualified team will act quickly to guarantee the patient’s safety.


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